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Saturday 1:40 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

Designers + Developers: Collaborating on your Python project

Julia Elman, Mark Lavin

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Working in teams is an important part of what we do as developers & designers. Whether it's desktop applications or mobile sites, we work together to create successful end products. But how do we work together in different environments? What is the best work-flow for a mix of skill sets?

We'll be talking about our various methods & work-flows that we found successful in working collaboratively.


  • Introduction & Overview
  • Workflow Challenges
    • Local development environment setup
    • Command line/DVCS comfort
  • Workflow Solutions
    • Simple workflows
    • Automated deployments
    • Cross platform consistency
    • Ways to collaborate
  • Success when collaborating
    • Case Study: django-scribbler
    • Developer Perspective
    • Designer Perspective
    • End result
  • Conclusion