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Django Appointment Slots

Amol Kher

Audience level:
Best Practices/Patterns


Best Practices for creating and booking Appointment Slots functionality. Many services marketplaces need or will need to build a system such as this. Building a booking system in-house gives you far better control and a much more elegant workflow rather than using a third-party scheduling service. We hope to share what we have learnt over the past year doing so.


As new services marketplaces spring up where users need to book appointments, many djangonauts will need to either build or adopt functionality that enables users to create appointment slots on their calendar and book those slots.

At Wello, we are building such a marketplace. We have learnt that implementing appointment slots is not trivial when you consider all the different details such as Calendaring, Scheduling, Searching, Booking, Cancellations and Timezone differences.

This poster session will give you a quick overview of different tools that are out there and some best practices we have learned over the past year on how to implement one using a mix of open-source django packages and some of our home grown additions to them.

We used TastyPie, Full-Calendar and Backbone to build this feature in Django.