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Data Classification Using Python, Django and R

Meenal Pant

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For a recent project, I had to develop a real time diagnostics tool with a web dashboard. The goal of this tool was to assist data experts with proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting our equipment deployed in the field. So I decided to design a real time web dashboard with status updates and email alerts using Python, Django and R.


I work for an employer (Morpho Detection Inc) that manufactures Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) or baggage scanners that are used in airports all over the world. Maintaining this equipment is a challenging task given the mission critical nature of the product and also the complexity of the components used in the product.

With many moving parts liable to fail or malfunction, daily data analysis is crucial to monitor and troubleshoot equipment deployed in the field. To assist data analysts the diagnostic team provided a web based dashboard that would not only track the data from the field but also analyze it through a rules engine and provide status updates and alerts.

To meet this requirement, I designed a Django based dashboard and used R with Python to create the rules engine.

This poster attempts to highlight the software design and process that I followed.


  • Problem
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  • Decision Tree Learning
  • Introduction to R
  • Using R with python
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