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Sunday 1:10 p.m.–1:40 p.m.

ApplePy: An Apple ][ emulator in Python

James Tauber

Audience level:


ApplePy is an Apple ][ emulator written in Python. It combines emulation of the 6502 microprocessor with emulation of the keyboard, display (including graphics mode), speaker, cassette and disk drive. This talk will provide a background to Apple ][ internals then dive into the Python code and the challenges of emulating hardware.


  • a brief overview of the Apple ][
  • the 6502 microprocessor
  • operations and addressing modes
  • emulating the 6502 in Python
  • memory: RAM, ROM and softswitches
  • text mode
  • graphics modes
  • emulating the speaker
  • emulating cassette I/O
  • emulating floppy drives