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Friday 11:30 a.m.–noon

Windows 8 Apps and Python (Making Money in the Windows App Store)

Steve Dower

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The latest release of Windows provides developers with a marketplace to sell apps written in C++, .NET, JavaScript… and Python. In this presentation we demonstrate just how easy it is to take advantage of new Windows functionality while using a friendly programming language to write (and sell) your app.


Windows 8 provides a new platform for application development known as Windows Runtime. By breaking backwards compatibility with Win32, developers gain access to a fully object-oriented API with a modern, touch-enabled UI framework, and an app store available to all Windows users on desktop, laptop and tablet computers running both Intel and ARM-based processors.

Our tools make Python a first-class language in Visual Studio, in Windows 8, and on Windows Azure, allowing you to develop rich, cloud-enabled applications without ever seeing a statically-typed language. All of our tools are fully supported, open source, and freely available at

This presentation is for everyone excited about Windows 8 apps but disappointed about having to use a language other than Python. We will demonstrate using Visual Studio to develop, test, debug, and publish Python apps to the Windows app store.