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Trans* Pythonista Meetup

The trans* community in Python is growing and becoming more visible. In fact there are several trans* folk active in Python and attending PyCon, so if you're feeling alone, this is just the thing.

I'd like to encourage any and all folks who fit anywhere at all under the trans* umbrella to get in touch. Let's find a place and time to get together, talk, and just connect.

Allies are also warmly welcomed, with or without a trans* person.

I was thinking that we might find a quiet place to talk, maybe on Friday or Saturday evenings after dinner, but this will probably not be in a regular open space room. And we can also find another time, if the evenings are too booked. Plans are also in the works for a few of us to go out to dinner on Wednesday evening if you're around early, and we'd welcome you to join us.

If you're concerned about privacy, we'll do our best to keep your identity as confidential as we can. (While I've found members of the Python community exceptionally good about not outing people, of course there are never guarantees.)

For more information, and even if you can't attend but would like to make contact with this growing community, please email