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PySide BoF

PySide is an open source library that provides Python bindings for the Qt GUI development toolkit. Its API is compatible with PyQt, but the licensing is less restrictive for commercial users.

PySide was developed at Nokia and is now in the process of becoming a community-supported project. This BoF is intended to bring together people interested in the further development of the PySide bindings.

  • Time: Saturday March 16, 2013 7PM-8PM
  • Location: Room 202 Floor 2A
  • Contact:

Attending (please add yourself here):

  • Stephan Deibel (Wingware)
  • John Ehresman (Wingware)
  • Dave Curtis
  • Christian Tismer
  • Joel Mohler
  • Mike Müller (Python Academy)
  • Stefan Landvogt (Valve)