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Python 3 Porting Clinic

NOTE NOTE NOTE Because a number of us want to also attend the Packaging Summit open space, the first day of the Porting clinic will be Saturday March 16

This open space session is all about getting your hands dirty porting Python 2 code to Python 3. We'll have a number of experienced porters on hand to help provide resources and hard-won tips and tricks. We should even be able to help with some of the trickier issues you might be encountering when you're porting your code.

We'll be meeting on Saturday night, March 16. If there's enough interest, we can meet again on the 17th. Bring your own code, or pick off something you use that has a public repository, that you'd like to help port.

Let's make 2013 the year where we've tipped the scales to Python 3.

Contact barry at python dot org for more details, or if you'd like to volunteer to help lead the porting effort.