The Welcoming Committee provides a welcoming experience for newbies of all kinds to PyCon. If you are new to:

  • PyCon
  • public speaking
  • presenting at PyCon
  • Santa Clara
  • other

then the Welcoming Committee may be of service to you.


Please take a moment to help us by answering the question, "How could PyCon make you feel (even) more welcome?"

Plans are being formed for the following events. - Prior to the Tutorial Sessions, how to install a proper python development environment and how to avoid common newbie mistakes, e.g., don't rely on the default Mac python, how to use virtualenv. - Newbie Night, to be held Thursday, March 8, 2012, to welcome all newbies of all kinds.

The Welcoming Committee is a sub-committee of the PyCon Organizers group. Anyone who wants to own any part of Welcoming may participate.


The "committee" (it's something of a joke name, since it does not meet or vote) is loosely made up of the following people, possibly plus unnamed others. Please add yourself if you wish to help.

  • SteveHolden
  • StevePiercy
  • RamiChowdhury (aka necaris)
  • PeterKropf
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