Tutorial Tracks

As announced on the PyCon Blog, at PyCon 2012 we're introducing Tutorial Tracks, sets of Tutorials that go well together.

We think the groups of courses will go well together, and we have asked the instructors to coordinate their material to work towards that goal.

Note that these tracks were not coordinated between instructors ahead of time, so they won't fit together seamlessly. However, instructors are excited about these tracks and motivated to adjust their tutorials where practical. Our advice to them has been to do so where it's straightforward, but not spend so much effort that it takes away from preparing their course and reduces the overall quality of their tutorial and of the track.

You are not required to sign up for all the tutorials in a track, and you can pick courses independent of what track they are or are not in.

Below are the tracks:

Data Analytics I

Data Analytics II

High Performance Computing (HPC)


Core Python (Beginning to Intermediate)

Core Python (Advanced)

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