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Dimitri Merejkowsky

I'm a French software engineer.

Right after going out my engineering school, I went to Aldebaran Robotics for my final internship and stayed here since.

It's three years I've been working at Aldebaran Robotics now, and I think one of the first thing I did there was switching my colleagues from Matlab to Python/Matplotlib. (Kudos to the Python community to have created such a great framework !)

Today I'm in charge of delivering releases and providing nice SDK for everyone to be able to write software for NAO, the humanoid robot made by Aldebaran Robotics

Yes, we do have a Python SDK so I'm the one responsible for that.

And yes, almost every script we write at Aldebaran is written in Python.

See you soon!


March 11th 8:50 a.m. – 8:55 a.m.
36. Using Python for robotics with Aldebaran's humanoid robot NAO.