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Massimo Di Pierro

Massimo Di Pierro is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the School of Computing of DePaul University. At DePaul he is the director of the Master program in Computational Finance. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses on Object Oriented Programming in C++, Data Structures and Algorithms, Network Programming, Scientific Computing, Monte Carlo Simulations, Parallel Algorithms, and Computer Security (http://bit.ly/KzHBB)

Since 2011 he is a proud member of the Pyhton Software Foundation.

Massimo holds a Ph.D. in High Energy Theoretical Physics from the University of Southampton in UK. Before that he worked as Associate Researcher at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. His current main research areas are Computational Finance and Visualization for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (http://bit.ly/2Jp9dM). His work in the latter field is supported the Department of Energy under a Scientific Discovery though Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Grant. The software he writes as part of his research runs on the biggest supercomputers in the US.

Massimo Di Pierro is author of more than 50 publications. A partial list can be found at the Stanford SPIRES Database (http://bit.ly/3VxAPV). He has given multiple talks and presentations at Physics and Finance conference worldwide. Since 2003 Massimo has been very active in the Python community and a member of the Chicago Python Users Group (chipy). He promoted the use of Python in many courses at DePaul University. Since 2007 the DePaul Computer Science “into to programming sequence” is based on the Python Language. He also uses Python in many programming classes and created Pyhton libraries in python (http://code.google.com/u/massimo.dipierro/). He is an editor of "Computing in Science and Engineering", a publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

In 2009 he volunteered to develop the registration system for PyCon 09. A new version of the system is used to run PyCon 2011 in Argentina, Brazil and Asia. In 2011 he presented a web2py tutorial at PyCon. In 2010 he was keynote speaker at the Jornada Regionale de Software LIbre in Argentina.

As a hobby, Massimo is the lead developer of web2py (http://web2py.com), an Open Source Web Framework based on Python. It counts more then 100 contributors, 3200 registered users (from google group), and ~180 downloads/day (in average from distinct IPs). In 2008 has published a book on web2py and a fourth edition will be released on Nov 2011. Web2py was voted by Inforword best full stack Python framework in 2011 and was the Bossie award in 2011 for Best Source Development Platform.


March 11th 1:30 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
web2py: ideas we stole and ideas we had