Putting Python in PostgreSQL

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March 9th 3:20 p.m. – 4:05 p.m.


PostgreSQL is pretty powerful all on it's own, but did you know you can use Python as a stored procedure language? Not only does using a familiar language make development easier, but you get the power of the standard library and PyPi to boot. Come learn the ins and outs of putting Python in your DB.


Pushing logic in your database can be a blessing or a curse. While these techniques aren't appropriate for most users in most situations, it's good to know what kind of power you have at your disposal with PL/Python if the need ever arises.

Learn about how to: - Use triggers to off load data processing tasks - Fire off email and log alerts based on what is happening in your tables - Create more granular and detailed constraints such as verifying email address or credit card checksums at the database level - Replace batch jobs with in database triggers - Learn when and when NOT to use these techniques - Debugging techniques - Security concerns