Sharing is Caring: Posting to the Python Package Index

Audience level:
March 10th 2:55 p.m. – 3:25 p.m.


Due to its robust namespacing, Python uniquely equips developers to write and distribute reusable code. The Python community has a tool for this: the Python Package Index. PyPI is a massive repository of code, and in this talk you'll learn how to take code that you've written it and register and distribute it for use by others.


Sharing is Caring: Posting to the Python Package Index

  • Introduction (2.5m)
    • Why?
      • I had been writing Python professionally for over a year before I learned how to do this. If I’d known how easy it was, perhaps I would make more code available.
  • What is the Python Package Index? (5m)
    • A repository of Python code written by thousands of different contributors
    • Brief history (“the Cheese Shop”), and bare-bones explanation of pip
    • Ultimately, it’s a place to help you re-invent as few wheels as possible
  • Reminders: Reusable Code (5m)
    • Everyone has a different use case.
      • Use options.
      • Support subclassing.
        • Some best practices for this.
      • The bottom line: Think about general needs, not just your specific needs.
    • Python internal documentation
    • ...and write your own, too!
  • Walkthrough of Posting a Package (12.5m)
    • An explanation of
      • The file
      • The setup function
        • Things you need: name, author, version, packages, scripts
        • Bonus material
    • Registering and uploading your project.
  • Questions? (5m)