18. Bump Pumps Up with Diesel

Audience level:
March 11th 8:30 a.m. – 8:35 a.m.


Bump Technologies’ Jamie Turner explains Diesel, an open-source evented networking framework, and how it's used at Bump, an Android and iOS app with over 70 million downloads.


Diesel is a Python framework used to make networked systems that interconnect numerous clients and servers intuitively. It supports the development of high-concurrency, scalable applications that can maintain many users per CPU core and per GB of RAM without compromising code clarity. It also aids the design of complex, large-scale services that have many components, working across many machines with different roles and interfaces.

For example, Bump – an Android and iOS app – uses Diesel on its back-end server cluster that communicates with its 70+ million users each time they use the app. From bumping and matching, to contact and photo exchange, every communication between Bump is routed through a Diesel-based daemon network.

The Bump server team, which develops and maintains Diesel, plans to release version 3.0 and update its presence in the open-source community in the spring.

Jamie can speak to the benefits associated with Diesel and Bump’s experience with the framework, and share lessons learned while scaling up the #7 iPhone app of all time.