34. CrossCompute is a web platform where users can run algorithms

Audience level:
March 11th 8:40 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.


Have you developed a mathematical model or computational / visualization algorithm? Your algorithm could be useful worldwide to people who face a real-world problem but do not want to write code. Professionals in industry, scientists in other fields or researchers in developing countries can quickly apply your work to their domain with a web-based cloud-computing platform like CrossCompute.


Sometimes non-technical decision makers face a real-world problem, but lack the tools to analyze and explore options for action. At the same time, thousands of computational and visualization algorithms are published in journals every year, but many go unused despite hard work, because of the effort required to apply unfamiliar code.

CrossCompute makes scientific algorithms more accessible. Each algorithm is wrapped in a web API with a user interface. It is easy to chain algorithms, so that one runs on the result of another.

Algorithm authors gain financial independence by interacting directly with paying users. The author sets the price. Each time his or her algorithm runs on CrossCompute, the system returns eighty percent of the revenue to the author.

You are welcome to drop by and chat. There will be demonstrations and lively discussion. Help us shorten the time between mathematical research and real-world application.

You can start using the system at https://crosscompute.com. Some algorithms are free and I will be adding more in the coming weeks.