25. An Overview of the Python African Computational Science and Engineering Tour Project

Audience level:
March 11th 8 a.m. – 8:05 a.m.


Pervading of computer activities into the teaching/learning process and research make them constitute a third pillar in science and engineering (S & E) in addition to theory and experiment. Python African Computational S & E Tour is to ease the learners into programming with Python and to use it for modeling, simulation and visualization to aid teaching/learning process and research in Africa.


Python unique features such its interpretative, multiplatform and object oriented nature as well as being a free and open source programming software with an extensive libraries, creates the possibility that any user connected to the internet can download the entire package into any platform, install it and immediately begin to use it. Thus Python is gaining reputation as a preferred environment for introducing students and new beginners to elegant and all purpose programming. Therefore in Africa, the Python African Tour project has been launched and one of us (GEA) is coordinating its use in computational science and engineering (S & E) code-named Python African Computational Science and Engineering Tour (PACSET). We present here an overview of the three projects currently under the PACSET : (1) teaching Python to students, new beginners as well as expert programmers in S & E (2) using Python to model, simulate and visualize laboratory experiments to aid the teaching and learning of experimental S & E and (3) using Python to model, simulate and visualize concepts, laws and phenomena in S & E to compliment the teaching of theory and experiment. It is hoped that the PACSET can be extended, modified and adopted in many developing nations.