Transifex: Beautiful Python app localization

Audience level:
Best Practices/Patterns
March 11th noon – 12:30 p.m.


Localization of Python apps used to be hard, but not any more. This talk will offer a short intro on software localization in Python and discuss today's best practices. It will present Transifex, a modern, Django-based SaaS, also referred to as 'The Github of translations', used by 2.000 open-source projects including Django, Mercurial, Fedora and Firefox.


This talk targets software developers of Python apps published to an international audience, such as developers of web and desktop apps, games, and frameworks such as Django, presenting and demo-ing a painless way to get their apps localized.

We will briefly introduce software localization (L10n): what it is, why it matters and how it's being done with Gettext and libraries like babel.

We'll then present Transifex, a Django-based open-source social localization tool, which developers use to integrate localization in their workflow and reach out to an established community of translators.