Sage: Open Source Math in Python

Audience level:
March 9th 4:40 p.m. – 5:20 p.m.


A quick introduction to Sage, an open-source mathematics package for experimentation in all areas of mathematics. There will be some brief remarks and demos of what Sage is capable of.


This talk is meant to give users a taste of what Sage is like, and why they might use it in the future.

Intended for all levels of users, but the more Python you know, the easier it will be to use Sage.

Sage is meant to be the open source platform for developing mathematical software, combining the best of other utilities. It uses Python as its primary development language, to give it a clean and powerful interface.

This talk will introduce attendees to Sage, and demo some of its capabilities.

Specifically, I'd cover some of the following features:

  • Very quick intro: what Sage is and isn't, and how it compares to the Big Ms: Mathematica, Matlab, Magma, etc.
  • Sage interpreter and notebook interface
  • Standard Sage functions
  • Plotting
  • Algebra and Polynomials
  • Number Theory
  • Extending Sage: Python & Cython
  • Other things the audience cares about!

This tutorial will not require any advanced math to understand and enjoy, but I will try to touch on as much of Sage as I can during the talk.

I'm not a Sage expert, but merely an enthusiast.