Why PyPy by example

Audience level:
March 10th 10:25 a.m. – 11:05 a.m.


One of the goals of PyPy is to make existing Python code faster, however an even broader goal was to make it possible to write things in Python that previous would needed to be written in C or other low-level language. This talk will show examples of this, and describe how they represent the tremendous progress PyPy has made, and what it means for people looking to use PyPy.


In this talk we'll talk about PyPy's present status and for what kinds of applications it might be useful. We'll also show examples of things that are possible with PyPy that were impossible to do with Python before, like real time video processing done in pure python. Our objective with each of the examples will be to highlight the type of work that is sped up and why this represents both a boon for existing Python programmers, as well as an opportunity for Python to expand to new audiences.

We'll also explain a bit PyPy's accomplishements in the passing year that make all of this possible, current status, its goals and the near future.