Information for poster presenters

Poster Board Size

The presentation space is one side of a standalone poster board that you can tack posters or individual pages onto.

Creating your poster

A poster should be more than just some slides tacked onto a board. You want to call attention to a few key points which you can expand upon in your presentation and which might inspire questions from your viewers. Whether you use graphics, text, or some combination, things should be easily visible from several feet away. For a good sketch of how to construct a poster presentation, refer to this summary.

Printing your poster and getting it to Santa Clara

The main logistical problem with a poster is getting it printed and transported to the show site. Beware that it can be pricey to have a poster printed as a single 4x4 sheet. You have several options:

Printing your poster

  • The simplest and cheapest option is to print your poster as series of smaller sheets, bring them in your luggage and assemble them on site. This approach can work well, but you need to take care of how the pieces fit together, etc.

  • You can also have it printed full size or in larger segments by the printer of your choice and bring it along with you - folded or in a mailing tube. Of course airline baggage fees/carry on policies are the issue in this case.

  • You can have it printed on site. More details on specific options will be available by January.

Shipping your poster

We will have more specific shipping options available in January. If you are shipping your poster you will need to allow as much as a couple of weeks extra time.

Location, schedule and setup

The poster session exact location will be available by February. The room and poster boards will be available for setup from first thing in the morning Sunday, and (if all goes well) Saturday evening. However, the room won't be locked, and there will be no special security if you set up the night before. I'll get the slots marked as soon as I can, but you can refer to the diagram which will be posted here to see where you should place your poster, based on your poster's submission number.

During the poster session

It's expected that presenters will be by or near their posters for the entire poster session, explaining their poster and interacting with interested viewers. (Of course you can grab snacks, etc.) This is your chance to interact with a large segment of the PyCon population, so make the most of it.

We will have photographers taking pictures of you and your posters, which we intend to post on the PyCon website. We may also have some informal roving video efforts as well.

If you need help contact Vern Ceder at 260-418-2067 or contact Zac Miller at 678-971-9361.

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