PaaS & Python for Polyglots: ActiveState Stackato BOF



  • Opening Remarks: Diane Mueller, ActiveState Cloud Evangelist
  • Lightening Talks
  • Rolling out with Stackato: Nate Aune, Appsembler
  • Monitoring & Managing both your PaaS and your Apps: Graham Dumpleton, NewRelic
  • DIY PaaS with Stackato: Troy Topnik, ActiveState
  • Demo & walk thru logistics of adding your own Private PaaS to any Cloud
  • Walk-thru deploying python apps (django, bottle, flask & more) from Komodo IDE

  • Q&A for Stackato Users and other interested parties

We provide a venue for people to give their presentations about Stackato related projects as well - so bring your stories, questions and we'll bring the beer & chips!


Officially: Saturday March 10 @ 4:00 PM (but this may change depending on room availability)




  • Find out what it takes to deploy your own PaaS and make any cloud, your cloud
  • Get a free micro cloud
  • Give feedback on our Python support and kick our tires
  • Learn more about what makes us tick at ActiveState
  • Beer


If you're coming to the Stackato BoF ... put your name below.

  • Ingy dot Net
  • Troy Topnik
  • Diane Mueller
  • Nate Aune
  • Graham Dumpleton
  • Peter Wang
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