Python Community Organizers BOF


A meeting of people who organize (or would like to organize) community-oriented Pythonic things (user groups, sprint sessions, etc.) to discuss issues related to organizing.

Topics for discussion (feel free to add topics you'd like to discuss):

  • How to start a user group in your area

  • Resources that exist and can be shared among organizers (e.g. teaching materials, PSF grant forms)

  • Recording meetings and getting them online

  • Ways to share talk ideas/resources among organizers

  • PSF as a fiscal sponsor for taking donations - Ned, can you share your experience with getting this set up for Boston Python?

  • Specific problems and/or solutions encountered in the past year of organizing


Saturday, March 10th, 7:00pm.


F1-B (on the Open Spaces Area)


Add your name if you plan to attend!

  • Michelle Rowley (Portland Python user group organizer)
  • Andrew Schoen (PythonKC user group organizer)
  • Juan Gomez (PythonKC user group organizer)
  • Jessica McKellar (Boston Python user group organizer)
  • Yannick Gingras (MontrĂ©al-Python organizer)
  • Mathieu Leduc-Hamel (MontrĂ©al-Python organizer)
  • Vern Ceder (probably) (LUG organizer, Python workshops)
  • Esther Nam (PyLadies organizer)
  • Lakshman Prasad (PyCon India)
  • Simon Cross (Cape Town Python Users Group)
  • Matthew J Morrison (Pyowa - Iowa Python Users Group)
  • Alexis Tabary
  • Peter Wang (Austin Python Users Group)
  • Tim Flink
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