The term Open Science refers to science (specifically, academic science with the goal of public knowledge building) being "open" in the same way that software can be open source--values that those in this community can very much appreciate. One such endeavor, the Open Science Framework, that will be discussed is dedicated to creating a set of tools to improve a scientist's workflow and decrease the gap between scientific values and scientific practices. Open source software is important in this project and, more generally, is going to be critical to attaining truly open science.

Discussion topics

  • What are you working on related to Open Science, Open Access, Open Data, etc.?
  • Open Source vs Open Science
  • Citizen Scientists and How to Get Involved
  • The Open Science Framework Study Registry (how python is being used, how you can contribute, etc.)
  • Marketing Open Science

Relevant Links

Software Carpentry - Reproducibility Redux

Open Science Framework / Reproducibility Project: The Definitive Guide

P2PU Challenge: Learn how to contribute to science / Become a Citizen Scientist

P2PU open science etherpad

Pycon is over. Jeff gave a lightning talk on the Open Science Framework. It starts around 16:12 minutes in. Saturday evening lightning talks

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