Computational Analytics in Governments


This is an informal meetup on real-time computational analytics, particularly for local governments.

Say "hi" to someone and start talking.

You can participate

  • Contact your Mayor's office to learn what kind of analyses or visualizations the government officials need. They probably don't know themselves, but may drop clues like "it would be great if we could ..."
  • Explore open datasets such as
  • Create a mathematical model, computational algorithm or visualization tool in any programming language.
  • If you want to submit your work to, include a pricing function that decides price per use and email it to
  • Publish a paper with a link to your algorithm's URL.
  • Talk to other mathematicians, scientists and software engineers and inspire them to contribute their algorithms for the public good.

How you benefit

As an independent software developer who contributes algorithms, you can have three revenue streams:

  • Get software to use your algorithm on a pay-per-use basis via the CrossCompute API.
  • Find people who will use your algorithm on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Build custom dashboards that use the CrossCompute API.

Analytics for the general public

The world is urbanizing rapidly. City governments can benefit from real-time analytics that optimize limited resources such as emergency response, sanitation and law enforcement.

Government analytics is dominated by companies that sell all-inclusive software packages or seek big consulting contracts. The majority of citizens and governments will not have access to platforms that cost millions of dollars. For the limited few who have access, most will only use a small subset of the features included in these expensive systems.

Instead, let us have a real-time analytics platform for the general public, where algorithms are free or cost less than a dollar per use. Users pay only for what they need, while software developers are paid each time their algorithm runs.

NYC Mayor's Policy and Strategic Planning Analytics Team has been developing computational models for the past few years and we have started working with them to put some of their algorithms online.



Sunday, March 11 1:30pm


Please check the open space bulletin board.

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