Capoeira Open Space

  • Location: Same room as the TIP BOF!
  • Date/Time: Saturday, March 10th, 8pm to 10pm

Capoeira is a very distinctive African-Brazilian art that combines music, dance, and martial arts.

  • Everyone is welcome to come and watch!
  • Participants can learn some and practice fundamentals and then join in playing the Roda.
  • Participants just interested in playing instruments are welcome.
  • Capoeira has a lot of styles and levels of ability. Even if you've never done any sports in your life, the flowing movements of the Angola style are not unlike Tai Chi in their safety. If you like acrobatics, then there is Regional style. We'll be doing a mix of both!

Anyone can learn Capoeira

Ignore the crazy tricks by the Olympic level performers. The reality is that much of Capoeira is not far off from other martial arts or yoga. In fact, I'll argue that the fluid motions of Capoeira provides the same benefits as Yoga and/or Tai Chi. And thanks to the musical side of things, Capoeira is a lot more fun.

Instruction by Contra Mestre Xingu Rodil

Hosted for the event by Consumer Notebook, Professional Hollywood stuntman/action Xingu Rodil has been in numerous theatres, commercials, music videos, and films displaying Capoeira. He has has taught numerous actors and actresses and Python developers the art of Capoeira. With over 12 years of experience in instruction, he's able to work with everyone from absolute beginners to the most advanced Capoeiristas.

The title of 'Contra Mestre' loosely translates to 'Master'.

What you should bring

  • Clothing: Comfortable workout clothes, including loose, long pants is ideal.
  • Either very light workout/mat shoes or bare feet
  • Water bottle
  • Camera to take pictures and video
  • Expectation of having a lot of fun!


The event will be organized by Daniel Greenfeld, with Capoeira instruction by Contra Mestre Xingu.

If you are interested, please sign up on the PyCon US Capoeira Interest Form. Current attendees include:

  • Xingu 'Dodge the Snake' Rodil
  • Daniel Greenfeld
  • Audrey Roy
  • Alfredo Deza
  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Amjith Ramanujam
  • Bill Tucker
  • Brandon Rhodes
  • Bryan Veloso
  • Christopher Clarke
  • Danver Braganza
  • Darlene Wong
  • David Baumgold
  • Jeff Rush
  • Gregory Harezlak
  • Kenneth Reitz
  • Kevin Turner
  • Lakshman Prasad
  • Martin Siniawski
  • Marty Alchin
  • Max
  • Noufal Ibrahim
  • Pam Selle
  • Paul Hildebrandt
  • Peter Herndon
  • Sam Thompson
  • Sanjeev Paskaradevan
  • Sebastian Serrano
  • Simeon
  • Vasja Volin
  • Zain Memon

If you have a questions please contact Daniel Greenfeld

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