Python WebDev Summit


PyWeb Summit is a highly focused technical event that brings together many members Python Web community for one day to showcase and discuss the current state and future of the Python web development ecosphere.


It's hard not to notice that the Python Web-SIG mailing list is very low-traffic; surprising given how much Python is used in the web world. It may be that no one likes to participate unless there's a contentious issue, or it might be due to balkanization in the Python web community. Communicating over the web is pretty impersonal and just kind of hard in general. PyWeb Summit gives us an opportunity to communicate in person.


The PyCon folks have generously agreed to let us hold the PyWeb Summit during the Thursday tutorial day on March 8th.


The summit will be in Mission City Ballroom M1. On the floor plan for the conference (in programs and on display) it is marked with the key "D4"


This is a by-invitation event. The organizers are Michael Ryabushkin and Chris McDonough (of Agendaless). If you have any questions, please see contact infromation below.


While subject to update, the formal schedule is currently as follows:

8:00 - 9:00  Continental Breakfast (by kind folks of PyCon)

9:00  - 9:15  Introduction (Michael Ryabushkin)

9:30 - 10:15  Creating a Better Deployment Story (panel). Topic: Deploying web
              applications more easily.

              Tarek Ziadé (Distribute/Packaging)
              Nate Aune (DjangoZoom)
              Kenneth Reitz (Heroku)
              Ian Bicking (Paste/WebOb/Silver Lining)
              Jim Fulton (Buildout)
              Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Django core, *moderator*)

10:30 - 11:15 Porting to Python 3 (panel). Topic: best practices, 
              things to avoid, ongoing and completed porting efforts.

              Guido van Rossum (Python)
              Mike Bayer (SQLAlchemy/Mako)
              Robert Brewer (CherryPy)
              Armin Ronacher (Flask)
              Chris McDonough (Pyramid/WebOb)
              Barry Warsaw (Canonical, Python FLUFL, *moderator*)

11:30 - 12:15 Factoring Code for Reuse (panel). Topic: reusable libraries,
              "pluggable apps", plugins, etc.

              Tres Seaver (Zope/CMF/Pyramid)
              Mariano Reingart (Web2Py)
              Alex Gaynor (Django/PyPy)
              Michael Foord (IronPython, Mock)
              Carl Meyer (Virtualenv, Pip)
              Danny Greenfeld (,, *moderator*)

12:20 - 1:20 Lunch, Exhibit hall B (generously provided by PyCon)

1:30 - 2:30  "State-Of" Multi-Talk (10 minutes from each presenter, 5 minutes to prep).

             Graham Dumpleton (WSGI 2 ideas)
             Benoît Chesneau (gunicorn)
             Ben Bangert (Pylons Project)
             Robert Brewer (CherryPy)

2:45 - 3:30  Promoting Python for Web Use (panel).  Topic: How can we best
             promote Python to new web programmers?

             Steve Holden (PSF/DjangoCon)
             Elizabeth Leddy (Plone/PloneConf)
             Eric Holscher (Django/
             Leah Culver (
             Danny Greenfeld (,, *moderator*)
             Paul Everitt (Pyramid, *moderator*)

 3:45 - 4:10  "State-Of" Multi-Talk - Round 2 (10 min from each presenter, 5 min prep).
             Glyph Lefkowitz (Twisted)
             Jannis Leidel (Django Project)

 4:20  - 5:30 Lightning talks (5 minutes apiece, signups at the event).


Question Suggestions for Panel Moderators

Use the Google Moderator panel moderator question suggestion site to submit suggestions for questions for panelists. See the left hand side of the page for the panel list.


Join us on FreeNode IRC in #pyweb-summit. Or email us at

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