PyCon Launches 2012 Efforts, New Website for Santa Clara Conference

25 sponsors are on board on as PyCon 2012 gets underway with a fresh new website. The conference runs March 7-15, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

SANTA CLARA, CA, August 04, 2011 -- The PyCon staff and Python Software Foundation announce the launch of PyCon 2012. With 25 sponsors on board for launch, PyCon 2012 is already off to an excellent start.

The 10th annual PyCon will be hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center in sunny Santa Clara, California from March 7-15, 2012.

Building on a record year in terms of attendees and proposed talks, the 2012 conference will push the bar even further as the premier Python conference. With PyCon coming to Silicon Valley for the first time, none of the previous records are safe.

Asked about the launch, PyCon Chairman Jesse Noller says, "I am extremely excited to launch PyCon 2012 with the help of the PyCon team, and I'm humbled by the overwhelming support from the community and our sponsors."

The completely refreshed conference web site includes expansive coverage of the venue and surrounding area, from directions to nearby attractions and recreation. Shopping, restaurants, bars, and local transit information will give attendees plenty of options for venturing out into the South Bay and beyond.

The PyCon team thanks all of the sponsors that make this conference, and breaking all the previous records possible: our Diamond sponsors Google and Dropbox, our Platinum sponsors Nasuni Corporation, Gondor (by Eldarion), and Microsoft.

PyCon also thanks our Gold sponsors Revsys, Canonical, CCP Games, bitly, Loggly, Walt Disney Animation Studios, DotCloud, ZeOmega and, as well as our Silver sponsors GitHub, American Greetings Interactive, Accense Technology, Cox Media Group,, net-ng, 10Gen/MongoDB, The Open Bastion, and Wingware. We also welcome OSU/OSL as a F/OSS partner.

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About PyCon

Presented by the Python Software Foundation, the world's largest Python conference brings together a diverse group of developers, enthusiasts, and organizations to explore new challenges, launch new businesses and forge new connections within the Python community. PyCon provides attendees with the opportunity to delve into the dynamic programming language employed by well-known companies such as Google, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and Dropbox. PyCon helps people learn new tools and techniques, present their own projects, and meet other Python fans. Press passes to the conference are available for members of the press who would like to see PyCon in person.

About Python

Python is an open-source, dynamically typed, object-oriented programming language that can be used in nearly the entire range of technology applications. It offers an easy learning curve and access to a vast array of libraries. With implementations available for all common operating systems as well as the Java and .NET platforms, Python can be used on virtually any system in existence. By combining clear and reliable code with rapid productivity and a vigorous development community, Python has become a favorite from major enterprises to the newest startups. Winner of the TIOBE Programming Language Award and the Linux Journal Readers' Choice Best Programming Language awards in 2010, Python has become an indispensable part of the technology landscape.


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