Reka Horvath

Reka Horvath

Reka has been working as a software developer since 2005, mainly in Python since 2019.

She worked as a senior software engineer in fintech. Besides the customer-facing financial products, she also created CLI tools and cookiecutters for internal usage.

She joined Sourcery in October 2021 to help expand their code review and refactoring tools.

She has contributed in various areas:

  • Defining and open sourcing optional rules.
  • Building the DSL syntax for project-specific, custom rules.
  • Converting the Sourcery CLI into a primary tool for teams (alongside the IDE plugins, which had been the main focus before).
  • Overview features in the CLI, introducing Rich.

Since October 2022, she has been working as developer advocate and maintaining Sourcery's open source repos:

She's an enthusiastic runner and chess player.


Tutorials: Building human-first and machine-friendly CLI applications
Thursday 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m. in tutorials - 250E