PyCon US 2023 Sponsor Presentations Schedule

Thursday - April 20th, 2023

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09:30AM Developing on Google Cloud with Python and DataFrames (Sponsor: Google)
Jason Davenport
Modern, typed Python for (multimodal) ML: From training to deployment (Sponsor:
Johannes Messner
Fixing legacy code, one pull request at a time (Sponsor: Sonar)
Guillaume Dequenne
Python Meets Heterogeneous Computing: An Exploration of Distributed Computations (Sponsor: Covalent)
Santosh Kumar Radha, William Cunningham
11:30AM From Closed to Open: The Journey of Enabling Next Scale Development using Python and Open Source at Ansys (Sponsor: Ansys)
Alexander Kaszynski
How to build stunning Data Science Web applications in Python (Sponsor: Taipy)
Florian Jacta
Python & Bloomberg: An Open Source Duo (Sponsor: Bloomberg)
Pradyun Gedam, Bernat Gabor, Laszlo Kiss Kollar, Mario Corchero, Matt Wozniski, Pablo Galindo Salgado
Flagging in the Backend - Shipping API's with Flask and LaunchDarkly (Sponsor: LaunchDarkly)
Cody De Arkland


01:30PM Accelerate your workflow from local Python prototype to the cloud (Sponsor: Microsoft)
Savannah Ostrowski
Building LLM-based Agents: How to develop smart NLP-driven apps with Haystack (Sponsor: deepset)
Tuana Celik
Breaking Boundaries: Advancements in High-Performance AI/ML through PyTorch's Python Compiler (Sponsor: Meta)
Justin Jeffress, Sam Gross, Suraj Subramanian
Breaking Away from the Empire: Avoiding the Evil Clutches of If-Then Statements (Sponsor: neo4j)
Jason Koo, Alison Cossette
03:30PM Best Practices for Using Python to Power Serverless Applications (Sponsor: Capital One)
Brian McNamara, Dan Furman
Joyful Django DX with PyCharm (Sponsor: JetBrains)
Paul Everitt
Python Profiling State of the World (Sponsor: Sentry)
Shana Matthews, Indragie Karunaratne
The ChatGPT Privacy Tango: Dancing with Data Security and Large Language Models (Sponsor: Cape Privacy)
Jason Mancuso, Mike Gardner

Opening Reception