Talks: Using Python and PyQgis to make cool maps

Friday - April 21st, 2023 4:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m. in 355DEF

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QGIS is a freely downloadable open source GIS software suite that contains a desktop option, mobile, and web component. QGIS is free to download and use, it is released with a GPL v3 license which is a non commercial license allowing users to download and use it without concerns compared to other commercial GIS software.

QGIS core support in creating different types of maps, thanks to the recent features updates QGIS version 3.14 was released with a Temporal Controller feature that is responsible for handling all the temporal layers inside QGIS. Temporal support was added in the core part of QGIS hence users can now easily create animation maps from temporal location datasets inside QGIS without any additional plugin.

QGIS has scripting support using Python language, it also allows enhancement to its functionality through plugins that are written using Python language. This usage of the Python language in QGIS (PyQgis) is achieved by using SIP and PyQt. Through the bindings QGIS has exposed its core functionality via PyQgis API that can be used to create standalone python applications that can use QGIS features in making maps.

The aim of this talk will be to showcase how one could use Python and QGIS to build map animations from temporal location data using the QGIS Temporal Controller Python API. The session will also provide a guide on PyQgis Temporal API, python scripting inside QGIS, how to build standalone python applications and how to create QGIS python plugins that can help in making maps.

The talk is aimed at Python geospatial programmers and anyone looking to learn how to use open source tools in analyzing location data. Expecting to raise the participant's awareness and value about the work done and on the open source tools used in the geospatial field.