Tutorials: Intro to Python for Brand New Programmers

Wednesday - April 19th, 2023 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in 250AB

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Just starting out


Brand new to programming and want to get some hands-on Python experience? Let's learn some Python together!

During this tutorial we will work through a number of programming exercises together. We'll be doing a lot of asking questions, taking guesses, trying things out, and seeking out help from others.

In this tutorial we'll cover:

  • Types of things in Python: strings, numbers, lists
  • Conditionally executing code
  • Repeating code with loops
  • Getting user input

This tutorial is intended to ease you into Python. Each exercise section is careful not to assume prior programming knowledge.

I expect you to have experience typing on computers and to have rudimentary math skills (just arithmetic). I am not expecting you to have experience with programming. We will define new terms as we use them

You'll leave this tutorial, having written a couple small programs Python yourself. Hopefully you'll also leave with a bit of excitement about what Python can do and curiosity to keep diving deeper.