Talks: Three Musketeers: Sherlock Holmes, Mathematics and Python

Friday - April 21st, 2023 5 p.m.-5:30 p.m. in 355DEF

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Mathematics is a science and one of the most important discoveries of the human race on earth. Math is everywhere and around us. It is in nature, music, sports, economics, engineering, and so on. In our daily life, we use mathematics knowingly and unknowingly. Many of us are unaware that forensic experts use mathematics to solve crime mysteries. In this talk, we will explore how Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional detective character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uses Mathematics and Python programming language to solve crime mysteries. We will solve simple crime puzzles using mathematics and python scripts. Finally, we will solve a few complex hypothetical crime mysteries using advanced python concepts. The participants will learn how to use the concepts of mathematics such as statistics, probability, trigonometry, and graph theory, and python and its packages such as SciPy, NumPy, and Matplotlib to solve the crime puzzles.