Startup Row

Fixie AI

We help developers and companies to build smart agents on top of LLMs. Our platform is an ecosystem of smart LLM agents. Anyone can build an agent with Fixie, whether to share with others or use it on their own.

Fixie provides a set of state-of-the-art AI building blocks for making these smart agents. And provides platform integrations like OAuth, or UserStorage to simplify keeping track of the users.

Using Fixie is free. We pay for all the costs.


Generally Intelligent

We’re an AI research company building general-purpose agents that can collaborate with humans and be safely deployed in the real world. We built Avalon, an open-source 3D research environment that helps AI researchers more rigorously interrogate the fundamentals of intelligence through a battery of tests. We are currently focused on creating agents that can perform a variety of digital tasks, including question answering, code generation, and performing tasks in a desktop environment.



Neptyne is a programmable spreadsheet that runs Python.

Neptyne primarily solves problems that exist at the boundaries of what other spreadsheet tools can do. We make Python a first-class citizen of spreadsheet-land, meaning you don't need a clumsy integration or extension to make your code work with spreadsheets. You can use standard off-the-shelf Python libraries to build on top of an Excel-like spreadsheet environment to build collaborative applications.



Nixtla is a time series research and deployment startup. We are building open-source forecasting solutions for Data Scientists and Developers.

We offer a set of libraries to make available the most comprehensive and performant set of forecasting capabilities in a simple and easy-to-use Python library. Nixtla emphasizes standardization and performance, allowing organizations to solve real-world forecasting challenges.



Ponder helps you run pandas and NumPy at scale directly in your data warehouse—be it Snowflake, BigQuery or Redshift—all from the comfort of your favorite IDE or notebook. We're also the primary maintainers of Modin, the open-source scalable drop-in replacement for pandas, which has more than 5.5 million downloads:

Eventually, we’ll expand to more SQL backends (Postgres, etc.) and then to other APIs beyond just pandas.



We build an enterprise machine learning platform built on top of open source software (Ludwig and Horovod). The platform makes the power of these open source software, the declarative configuration interface and flexibility of Ludwig and the scalability of Horovod, accessible for enterprise users. You can think of Ludwig as Terraform for ML and the Predibase makes it connect with data, run on cloud and deploy for real time and batch jobs.



Build web apps in pure Python. Deploy with a single command.

Our open source Python library to create web apps has over 5000 stars within 3 months of our launch. We want to enable developers to create full-scale websites without having to touch Javascript.



Wherobots's vision is to enable every organization to drive value from data via geospatial analytics.

Wherobots is the data platform for geospatial analytics & AI, trusted in production, at scale, from the original creators of Apache Sedona ( It enables users to easily develop, , deploy, and execute geospatial analytics pipelines in the modern data stack.