PyCon Active

We are excited to bring back PyCon Active this year after a few years’ hiatus!

Refuel Flow Yoga on Friday and Saturday

We will be hosting two 50-minute “Refuel Flow” yoga classes led by Johnnae Nardone on Friday and Saturday, April 21st & 22nd, at 6 pm. All levels are welcome, and mats are provided!

The yoga sessions will take place in one of the Open Spaces rooms on Friday and Saturday. See the Open Spaces schedule board across from the staff office (150ABC) for the room numbers on each day.

6PM MST April 21 & 22 Room 250C


Meet the teacher: Johnnae has been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching since 2009. A California native, she completed her Yoga Works 200-hour training with Annie Carpenter. Johnnae is an enthusiastic yogi and shares her passion for the practice by creating an accepting space, providing precise instruction, and emphasizing the breath. She aims to teach you a new way of being in your body - one that increases well-being in both body and mind. She looks forward to seeing you in her class!