Language Summit


  • When: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Where: In-Person at the Salt Palace Convention Center
  • Co-chairs: Łukasz Langa, Senthil Kumaran
  • Blogger: Alex Waygood
10:00 Welcome + intros
10:30 — Coffee break —
11:00 HPy: Let's discuss about the future of Python Extensions Antonio Cuni
11:30 I still don't know what the C-API is, and I've been trying for years! Mark Shannon
12:00 The C API Guido van Rossum
12:30 — Lunch —
13:30 PEP 703 - Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional Sam Gross
14:00 Towards Native Profiling for Python Joannah Nanjekye
14:30 What is the stdlib for? Brett Cannon
15:00 — Coffee break + group photo —
15:30 Pattern matching, __match__, and view patterns Michael Sullivan and Yury Selivanov
16:00 Python on Mobile: State of the Union Russell Keith-Magee
16:30 Burnout is real Guido van Rossum
17:00 Lightning talks (submit on-site)
17:30 — We're done —

Python Language Summit 2023

The Python Language Summit is an event for the developers of Python implementations (CPython, PyPy, Jython, and so on) to share information, discuss our shared problems, and — hopefully — solve them.

These issues might be related to the language itself, the standard library, the development process, status of Python 3.12 (and plans for 3.13), the documentation, packaging, the website, et cetera. The Summit focuses on discussions and consensus-seeking, more than on merely presentations.


Do I need to sign up if I’m a Python core developer?

Yes, please! We have limited space, and we want to ensure that we're able to socially distance while still meeting in person. Please register to reserve your space.

Can I sign up if I’m not a core developer of a Python implementation?

Yes, you can. In the past, we had quite a number of participants who were not core contributors to CPython or other implementations of Python. Among them were maintainers and representatives from BeeWare, CircuitPython, PSF board members, PyCharm, PyPA, etc.

Will this be recorded? Can I watch the live stream?

No, there will be no recording of the Language Summit, and there will be no live stream available. We understand that this is a disappointment for those who are not able to travel. However, the format of the Summit is not well suited for spectators. It is an intense interactive discussion session among all attendees. Ideas get proposed and get shot down quickly with direct feedback. We need attendees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, instead of making them self-censor their feedback due to an invisible crowd looking into the meeting. We understand many people are curious as to what happens during the Summit. As usual, there will be detailed blog posts reporting on the event shortly afterward.

The feedback received from the attendees of virtual Summits in 2020 and 2021 shows that online events could only poorly match the interactivity of an in-person event. Given that PyCon US is happening as a regular conference at a physical venue, the Summit is back in the real world with it. Since a hybrid event would compromise the quality of the interaction for everyone, instead, we're focusing our efforts on organizing the best in-person event we can.

Do I need to be registered to PyCon US to attend the Language Summit?

Yes, this is so that you receive a badge and catering during the day. If you only want to attend the Language Summit portion and not the rest of the conference, then we can provide you with a voucher that allows you to be registered at PyCon US. This way you'll be in the system, and staff will be able to check your vaccination status per PyCon US's Health and Safety Guidelines. Please let us know if you need this voucher.

Though, we do recommend that you be registered for the full PyCon US. There are amazing talks and keynotes on the schedule that you wouldn't want to miss.

Code of Conduct

The PyCon US Code of Conduct applies and will be enforced.

If you have any questions, the Core Development section of our Discourse instance is the best place to ask. For private/sensitive communication, write to lukasz at python dot org.

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