PyCon US Staff Information

This page lists the primary points of contact for PyCon US 2023. This does not list all of the volunteers, without whom PyCon US would not be possible.

For all registration questions, please email pycon-reg

  • PyCon US Chair: Mariatta Wijaya
  • PyCon US Program Director: Olivia Sauls
  • Director of Resource Development / PyCon US Sponsorship: Loren Crary
  • Program Committee Chair: Philippe Gagnon
  • Tutorials Committee Chair: Sarah Kuchinsky
  • Tutorials Committee: Merilys Huhn, Mridul Seth, Mfon Eti-mfon
  • Posters Chair: Kristen McIntyre
  • Charlas Track Co-Chairs: Cristián Maureira-Fredes & Denny Perez
  • Charlas Committee: Adolfo Fitoria, Arturo Pacheco & Alison Orellana
  • Online Experience Committee Chair: Georgi Ker
  • Financial Aid Co-Chairs: Cheuk Ting Ho & Greg Goddard
  • Education Summit: Sean Tibor, Elizabeth Wickes & Kelly Paredes
  • Maintainers Summit: Inessa Pawson
  • Packaging Summit: Filipe Laíns, C.A.M Gerlach & Pradyun Gedam
  • Typing Summit: Pradeep Kumar Srinivasan & Jelle Zijlstra
  • Mentored Sprints for Diverse Beginners: Tania Allard
  • Introduction to Sprints Workshop: Chalmer Lowe
  • PyLadies Auction: Jackie Kazil, Lynn Root & Douglas Napoleone
  • Python Language Summit Coordinators: Łukasz Langa & Senthil Kumaran
  • Startup Row Coordinators: Jason D. Rowley
  • Newcomer Orientation: Kojo Idrissa & Trey Hunner
  • Lightning Talks: Lorena Mesa, Cheuk Ting Ho & Dustin Ingram
  • PSF Financial Controller: Phyllis Dobbs