Proposing an Education Summit Talk

<blockquote class="callout"> Thank you, everyone who proposed a talk for the 2017 Education Summit! <br><br> This Call for Proposals is <b>now closed</b>. <br><br> Here is the remaining timeline: <ul> <li>January 3 — Our Call For Proposals closed. <li>February — We send acceptance and rejection emails. <li>February — The schedule is posted here on the web site. <li>May 18 — The Summit takes place in Portland. </blockquote> We are glad you are interested in giving a talk at PyCon 2017 Education Summit! Talk proposals are due this year on **3 January 2017**. To learn how to submit a proposal, visit the [main Speaking page](! This page will give you a bit of history about the Education Summit and information about some expectations. # History The PyCon Education Summit was started by Naomi Ceder in 2013. The summit has become a friendly and rewarding place to share ideas over the past several years, and this year, we are looking to continue the tradition of sharing knowledge while focusing on implementing what we have learned in our collective experiences teaching Python in our schools and communities. # What to expect The Summit is scheduled to run all day, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, on May 18, 2017. During the day, there will be two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We will also break one hour for lunch. <span class="label label-note"> Note:</span> All speakers and attendees of the Education Summit must also be registered for the conference. We are looking for calls to action about how teachers and Python programmers have implemented Python instruction in their schools, communities, and other places of learning. Have you implemented a program that you've been dying to talk about? Have you tried something that failed but learned some great lessons that you can share? Have you been successful implementing a particular program? Then we urge you to submit a talk! You do NOT need to be an experienced speaker! We want you to share knowledge; we want to learn from your experiences. This year, talks that focus on the challenges and triumphs of implementing code education are especially encouraged. Below are links to previous PyCon Education Summit schedules: * [PyCon 2016]( * [PyCon 2015]( **Submit your proposal early.** The summit committee will provide feedback to talks that come into our system, and we _will_ work with you to improve your proposal if we have issues with it, but this is only feasible if your proposal is submitted well before deadline.