Translations available: español

Proposing a Charla

The PyCon US Charlas (“charla” is the Spanish word for conference “talk”) will be a track of 2 full days of talks in Spanish open to the entire community that will take place at PyCon US.

A significant percentage of the U.S. population (12%+) speak Spanish, and Spanish speaking Python communities in Latin America and Europe are growing rapidly with booming attendance at conferences and meetups. PyCon US Charlas will showcase Spanish speaking Pythonistas by giving them space at the world’s largest PyCon to give and hear talks in Spanish.

Everyone is invited to join us for PyCon US Charlas on Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th. We’re still planning the details, but the schedule of talks will match the main conference schedule and the track will be hosted close by in the main PyCon US venue. That means you can pop over to catch a single talk or stay for the entire day! It’s all good!

If you can speak Spanish, why not submit a proposal for a charla? If you speak Spanish as a second, third or twelfth language, please do not hesitate to participate! The call for proposals opens with the rest of the CFP. (Note: While there will be a remote streaming option for viewing the Charlas, all presenters are expected to give their charlas at PyCon US in Pittsburgh, PA in person.)

To submit a charla, please read the main speakers page and then visit this link to get started.

If you don’t feel comfortable proposing a talk, or you only speak Spanish “un poquito” but would like to improve, what better way to practice than attending a talk about Python in Spanish! Technical talks are often easier for beginners to follow than conversation.

Please feel free to get in touch with the PyCon US Charlas team either via email at, or via our twitter or our Facebook page.