Sydney Runkle

Sydney Runkle

Currently, I am finishing up my last year of undergrad at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and I’m graduating in May with my BS in computer science. I'm working part-time as an open source development intern at Pydantic, and I'll transition to a full time role at Pydantic in June.

Ever since I was 15, I've been working for small startup companies. Two years ago, I was introduced to Pydantic in the context of data validation for API requests and responses. To say it was a game changer would be an understatement - I readily fell head over heels for the tool. Since that day, my role has evolved from an enthusiastic user to a passionate contributor. I've really found my groove at Pydantic, where I've had the opportunity to make significant open source contributions and help others do the same.

In my free time, I love to run, cook / bake, and volunteer.


Talks: Pydantic Power-up: Performance Tips for Lightning-Fast Python Applications
Friday 2:45 p.m.–3:15 p.m. in talks - Ballroom BC