Tutorials: Advanced Streamlit for Python Developers

Wednesday - May 15th, 2024 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Room 320

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This tutorial will be a deep dive into advanced Streamlit features and strategies to build robust, performant web apps in Python. Participants are welcome to bring their own app ideas to implement during this tutorial, but they will also have the opportunity to follow along as we build an example app together. The example app is a multi-page dashboard focused on your GitHub historical activity that also allows you to explore this data through a chatbot.

The intended audience of this talk is Python developers with the desire to build robust web applications using only Python – no HTML, CSS, or JavaScript required. Some experience with Streamlit will be helpful but is not a prerequisite. Attendees will walk away with practical knowledge of advanced Streamlit usage including performance optimization through caching, session state management, and app testing.