Proposal Mentorship

Are you a seasoned speaker and want to mentor people? Are you considering submitting a proposal to PyCon US 2023 and would like guidance on your proposal?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, this mentorship program is for you!


Be sure to check the box when submitting your proposal in the ''tell us more about yourself' section.

The purpose of this program is to pair experienced proposal submitters with those that are seeking guidance. Proposals could be for tutorials, talks, Charlas track talks, and posters. Mentees may be in different stages of their proposal writing and may need help with different aspects of their proposal.


How will this work?

We need mentors -- we typically get twice the amount of mentees to mentors. If you are interested and available in November or early December, fill out this form.

Deadline to participate is Friday, November 11th.

Goal is to have one mentor per mentee. We are looking to find pairs in the same timezone or even in the same country to make meeting a bit simpler.

Once folks are paired up, we will introduce mentors and mentees via email, ask mentees to share prepared material, and recommend that review happen asynchronously. We know folks are busy so we are recommending everyone start with asynchronous review and take it from there. If folks want to schedule video calls or virtual check-ins, they can do so on their own.