Tutorials: Creating a Full Fledged Event Driven System in Python using Apache Kafka

Thursday - April 20th, 2023 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in

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Today every enterprise is powered by and with data. They need to capture, analyse, manipulate, notify and log pretty much everything to be able to create a successful product, service, or a system.

To achieve this, enterprises require to have an efficient big data storage as well as an event driven data streaming system to avoid the obvious complexity of sending and receiving large chunks of data without duplicating and securing it in all the places.

It’s possible for enterprises to create their own proprietary solution for event streaming platforms, however using well known and widely used frameworks like Apache Kafka has its own benefits. Once can start immediately or it fits into the most, if not all of the obvious use cases.

Welcome to this tutorial on Apache Kafka and how to create a high performance event streaming system in python programming language. You’ll not only learn about the basics of the event streaming platform and Apache Kafka, but will also learn how to use various constructs of Python Programming Language to create a full fledged, highly scalable and performant system.

This tutorial will have classroom exercises as well as post class homework and complimentary readings. All the presentation, code, exercises as well as solutions will be shared after the tutoria.