Open Source Community Booths

Complimentary virtual booths for F/OSS projects will be provided while available. Participants must confirm their booth will be staffed for all conference days of May 14-15, 2021. Each booth comes with (2) conference passes that allows access to the full conference.

All applications are reviewed by our conference chairs. Project criteria include the following:

  • Must be open source
  • Must be non-commercial
  • Must be Python-specific

To apply for a complimentary virtual booth go to the sponsorship application and select the Open Source Virtual Booth option under PyCon US 2021 Virtual Sponsorship Benefits program. Click the 'submit' button and fill out the form and select 'apply'. Applications must be submitted by April 8, 2021, after that time the staff will review the applications and confirm that a booth is available for your project.

If you have any questions email