PyCon Proposal Mentorship

Are you a seasoned speaker and want to mentor people? Are you considering submitting a proposal to PyCon 2021 and would like guidance on your proposal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this mentorship program is for you!

The purpose of this program is to pair experienced proposal submitters with those that are seeking guidance. Proposals could be for tutorials, talks, posters, and/or the Education Summit. Mentees may be in different stages of their proposal writing and may need help with different aspects of their proposal.

How will this work?

  • With the CFP deadline in mind, we are aiming to have all the mentoring sessions happen the last two weeks of January 2021.
  • Goal is to have one mentor per mentee. We will need many mentors. If you are interested and available in late January, fill out the speaker profile form so we can capture timezones.
  • We are looking to find pairs in the same timezone or even in the same country.
  • Once folks are paired up, we will introduce mentors and mentees via email with instructions
  • In order for this to be effective, mentees should share drafts a bit before any meetings are scheduled

Timeline for mentees and mentors

  • CFP Begins: Dec 22, 2020
  • Mentees draft ideas, outlines, abstracts: Dec 22 to Jan 18
  • Mentees & Mentors meet during this timeframe to review drafts: Jan 18 to Jan 29
  • Mentees finalize proposals: Jan 29 to Feb 12
  • Deadline to submit proposal/CFP ends: Feb 12, 2021 AoE