PyCon 2021 Talks Schedule

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May 14, 2021

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Welcome to PyCon!


Keynote - Robert Erdmann

04:15PM Capital One: Analyze, Govern & Approve Model Training Experiments with Rubicon
Mike, Joe, Ryan Soley, Sri
Generate buzz with realtime FM audio synthesis
Łukasz Langa
Testing stochastic AI models with Hypothesis
Marina Shvartz
Creating extensible workflows with off-label use of Python
Benjy Weinberger
El Zen de Python en español
Rafael Santos
04:45PM Narrative-focused video games development with Ren'Py, an open source engine
Susan Shu Chang
What we learned from Papermill to operationalize notebooks
Alan Yu, Vasu Bhog
From NumPy to PyTorch, A Story of API Compatibility
Randall Hunt, Mike Ruberry
GitHub Classroom: Una herramienta simple para la enseñanza de Python
05:05PM CircleCI: CI/CD 101 with CircleCI, Angel Rivera, Sr. Developer Advocate
Angel Rivera
05:15PM Writing Good Documentation for Developers
Meredydd Luff
Reproducible and maintainable data science code with Kedro
Yetunde Dada
pyKnit: math tools for knitters
Aprovechando Python y la IA para enfrentar los desafíos del siglo XXI
Thomas Chen

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08:00PM Microsoft: Deploying your Django application for scale with Microsoft Azure
Anthony Shaw
From 3 to 300 fps: NES Emulation in Python and Cython
James Murphy
Data Processing on Ray
SangBin Cho
Learning python during lockdown: a surprising bonding experience with my child
Shemra Rizzo
Cuándo usar extensiones nativas en Rust: rendimiento accesible y seguro
Eric Arellano
08:30PM Zero to production-ready: a best-practices process for Docker packaging
Itamar Turner-Trauring
Event-driven applications: Apache Kafka and Python
Francesco Tisiot
Scalene: A high-performance, high-precision CPU + GPU + memory profiler for Python
Emery Berger
Restauración de imágenes multiespectrales con GAN: generar imágenes nuevas para parchar las corrupta
María José Meneses
08:50PM Elastic: Searchable Django Applications with Elastic App Search
Seth Michael Larson
09:00PM Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer! 😱
Patterns of ML Models in Production
Simon Mo
Restarting Pyjion, a general purpose JIT for Python- is it worth it?
Anthony Shaw
Tracing Distribuido con OpenTelemetry
Mauricio Vásquez

Keynote - Saron Yitbarek


May 15, 2021

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Keynote - Akshay Sharma

04:00PM Facebook: Open Source Research at FB: Building Model Evaluation Pipeline + Multi-task Reinforcement
Zhiyi Ma, Shagun Sodhani
04:15PM Packaging Python in 2021
Jeremy Paige
No, Maybe and Close Enough: Using Probabilistic Data Structures in Python
Simon Prickett
The magic of "self": How Python inserts "self" into methods.
Sebastiaan Zeeff
(Py)Testing the Limits of Machine Learning
Rebecca Bilbro, Daniel Sollis, Mark, Patrick Deziel


Python Performance at Scale - Making Python Faster at Instagram
Dino Viehland
Dask-SQL: Empowering Pythonistas for Scalable End-to-End Data Engineering and Data Science
Adam Breindel
The Road to Pattern Matching in Python
Tobias Kohn
Intro to Pydantic, run-time type checking for your dataclasses
Alexander Hultnér
04:50PM Salesforce: Developing a DSL in Python: Snowfakery is a DSL for Large Volume Data Synthesis
Paul Prescod
05:15PM When is an exception not an exception? Using warnings in Python
Reuven M. Lerner
More Fun With Hardware and CircuitPython - IoT, Wearables, and more!
Nina Zakharenko
Secure Software Supply Chains for Python
Dustin Ingram
Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown
Paul Everitt

Virtual Expo Hall



08:00PM Google: Serverless Application Architecture
Charlie Engelke
Using Declarative Configs for Maintainable Reproducible Code
Jonathan Striebel
Large Scale Data Validation (with Spark and Dask)
Kevin Kho
Protocol: the keystone of type hints
Luciano Ramalho
Gradual Typing in Practice
Maggie Moss
08:30PM Your app is async so take advantage of it for development!
John Belmonte
Getting an Edge with Network Analysis with Python
Alon Nir
What are quantum computers, and how can we train them in Python?
Josh Izaac
An Introduction to FastAPI
Thomas Jewitt
08:50PM Slack: Build Slack apps fast in Python
Shay DeWael, Alissa Renz
09:00PM Python: The Next Generation
Meg Ray
Statistical Typing: A Runtime Typing System for Data Science and Machine Learning
Niels Bantilan
Unexpected Execution: Wild Ways Code Execution can Occur in Python
Graham Bleaney, the_storm
Optimizing Data Retrieval with Python Celery
Jenna Conn, Hannah Cline

Python Software Foundation Community Address and Closing - Ewa Jodlowska