PyCon US 2021 T-shirts and Stickers

The highly anticipated conference t-shirts are now available to order! We are super excited about the PyCon US 2021 stickers this year and are including one with every order.

Orders can be placed using the 'Purchase Shirts' button on your dashboard. You will see this once a conference registration is confirmed. If you don't see the button, go ahead and register!

There are 2 ordering windows outlined below. Be sure to order by April 2, 2021 for your order to ship before the conference.

North America Store Open #1

  • March 10 through April 2
  • Approximate shipping date May 7

North America Store Open #2

  • May 3 through May 18
  • Approximate shipping date June 21

If you reside outside of North America there is an option for ordering to help reduce shipping costs. Unfortunately the sticker sheets will not be included for international orders, but send us and email and we will send a sheet out to you. This option will be displayed on your dashboard.

International Store(Now Closed)


And PyLadies t-shirts are available too!


We sure wish we could see all of you in person and hand you your t-shirt., but we can not, so even the conference t-shirts have gone virtual.

Please take note that all taxes and shipping fees, including customs and taxes for international shipments, will be added to your order.