Registration Information

PyCon 2021 has concluded, registration is no longer available.

PyCon trusts you to self-select a fair registration rate:

  • Student/Academic Rate — This rate is for full-time students and academics. If you are employed in a school or university you qualify for this rate. However, if the funds available will allow for the Individual or Corporate rates please select accordingly.
  • Individual Rate — If you are paying for yourself to attend PyCon, feel free to come as an individual. Employees of non-profits might also choose to register at the individual rate.
  • Corporate Rate — If your company is paying for you to attend PyCon, register at the corporate rate. You will help keep the conference affordable for everyone, especially students and those needing financial aid. Government employees should also register at the corporate rate.
  • Patron Rate - This rate is for those corporate attendees that may have a training budget to utilize and would like to support the PSF.

Registration Prices:

Registration Type Cost
Student $50 USD
Individual $100 USD
Corporate $150 USD
Patron $1,000 USD

Note: Tutorial registration is not included in regular conference registration prices. Tutorial registration will open in March 2021. Cost will be $50 per tutorial

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What does my registration payment go towards?

Even though PyCon US is an online event this year, it is the main fundraiser for the PSF.

  • Most importantly, the revenue that PyCon US generates funds the operations of the Python Software Foundation.
    • The PSF:
      • Runs PyCon US, protects several trademarks such as Python, PyPI, PyLadies, and PyCon
      • Supports core Python development
      • Gives out grants to efforts all around the world
      • Houses and helps maintain community infrastructure such as and
      • Provides fiscal sponsorship support
      • Employs 7 staff members
  • The PSF is experiencing a financial loss incurred as a result of the cancellation of two in-person PyCons. Any money we raise from this event will help offset that loss. Read more about the PSF’s recent financial impacts here.
  • Registration fees will help offset PyCon US costs, including production and a virtual platform for engagement.

Full details can be found on the PyCon Blog Post.

What’s Included?

Conference registration includes access to the main conference days of May 14-16, 2021 along with the extra events. A confirmed conference registration also allows access to the PyCon US 2021 storefront for the purchase of the conference shirts and a the stickers will be included. The items will be shipped directly to you. The storefront will be available via your dashboard when it is launched.

Tutorials will be offered at an additional fee on Wednesday and Thursday (before the main conference). Attendees pay per tutorial for each tutorial class that they attend, and purchasing a tutorial by itself does not include admission to the main conference. Tutorial registration will open April 8th. One tutorial will cost $50.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is provided to welcome those who might not be able to attend otherwise. PyCon US 2021 financial aid program will offer a limited number of complimentary conference registrations.

To learn more about Financial Aid to attend PyCon, see the Financial Aid page.

Policy for Transferring Registrations

Corporate transfers: We accept ticket transfers between attendees that are from the same organization at any time. If you need to transfer a ticket to your colleague, please email Be sure to include the information of the person you are transferring to. Their email address domain should match your work email address domain.

Individual transfers: Individuals may request ticket transfers by sending a written request to before May 7, 2021. Please include the information of the person you are transferring to and have the person cc’ed on the email so we know they are aware of the transfer. If payment needs to be changed, there will be a $10 transfer fee. We trust that as a member of the Python community you are transferring your ticket in good faith and for the amount it was paid for.

Cancellation Policy

Registration cancellations must be submitted in writing, an email is sufficient, and received by May 7, 2021 in order to receive a refund minus the $10 processing fee. No refunds will be granted for any cancellations received after May 7, 2021.

Please email cancellation notices to


If you have questions or issues with registration, please send email to: