PyCon Active!

Bringing a new virtual format to PyCon 2021 offered the team of volunteers and staff many challenges, but along with it came new opportunities!

In planning for our long standing 5K Fun Run/Walk, we got excited to extend the event to be as inclusive as possible to all the ways that members of the global Python community get active!

How To Participate

When registering for the conference, select the option for "PyCon Active!". After completing your registration, submit your Strava Profile via your PyCon Dashboard then request to join the "PyCon 2021 Active!" Strava group.

On Strava

Upload any activity type supported by Strava to your Strava profile, as often as you like! All public activities are eligible.

A note on privacy! GPS data uploaded to Strava can be startlingly accurate. We recommend configuring "Privacy Zones" near any sensitive locations such as your place of residence or workplace, see and scroll to "Privacy Zones". You can read more about Privacy Zones in Strava's documentation.

Pay attention to the Daily Challenges! You may want to modify your planned activity or take some time to do an additional activity to compete!

On Twitter

Share your activities on Twitter with the hashtag #PyConUS2021Active, our volunteers will review submissions and selected submissions will be reshared by @pycon! Only participants registered for the conference and signed up for PyCon Active! will be eligible for prizes.


Along with overall challenges for "Total Time", "Total Distance", and "Longest Activity" from the Strava Club Leaderboard the PyCon Active! Volunteers will publish daily challenges that don't revolve around ability or performance. We want to see our community getting active in ways that bring them joy!

Daily Challenges will be published at 12:00:00 AM AoE at the start of each day! Activities uploaded to Strava during that calendar day for participants will be considered!

Overall Challenges:

For the week of May 10-16, 2021:

  • Top 5 Most Interesting Activities (Selected by PyCon Active! Volunteers from Club Activity Feed)
  • Most liked shared activity! (We'll be resharing select activities via @pycon)
  • Most retweeted shared activity! (We'll be resharing select activities via @pycon)
  • Total Time (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Total Distance (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Longest Activity (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Most Activities (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Most Swim Time (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Most Ride Time (per Strava group leaderboard)
  • Most Run Time (per Strava group leaderboard)

Daily Challenges:

  • May 12, 2021: Record a Strava activity you never have before! Mention in the description of the activity something noteworthy about how it made you feel.
  • May 13, 2021: Best activity buddy: Sometimes a little accountability is helpful to go out and get moving, but sometimes a little distraction can be too. do an activity with a partner and show us your best selfie. maybe it’s a dog, maybe a close friend, or maybe it’s a mechanical t-rex. we’re not sure but we’d love for you to share!
  • May 14, 2021: SILLY WALK: Record a 15 minute activity on Strava, done as sillily as possible. Add a picture and #PyConUS2021Active to the title or description of your activity.
  • May 15, 2021: Draw a Python! Get creative and find some way to draw a Python with your uploaded Strava activity. Nothing is too abstract or out of the box, we’ll have an award for most creative and best-in-show!
  • May 16, 2021: Fashion Show! Put your favorite activewear on, deck yourself out in blue and yellow, wear a costume! Anything goes here. Add a picture of your outfit with your Strava upload and strut your stuff!


Winners from the overall and select challenges will receive customized "PyCon US 2021 Active!" Vinyl decals, shipped anywhere in the world. Winners will be contacted at the conclusion of the conference to determine their preferences and confirm shipment details.

That's right! You choose the size, color scheme, and layout, and we can even include your name!

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