Session Moderators

We need volunteers to support each session and keep them on track. The duties are simple but vital to the success of the conference. As session moderator you will begin the session chat welcoming the attendees!

The Session Moderator needs to be present when each of the 3 sessions within the block begins and be present through the entire block of 3 sessions. The sessions are launched automatically exactly at the scheduled time with 5 minutes in between.

Orientation Meeting

As a session moderator please attend the orientation meeting on May 10, 2021 at 11:30am Eastern/US. This will be a 30 minute zoom meeting to run through the process for moderating.

Session Moderators

We are asking volunteers to moderate a 90 minute block, 3-25 minute sessions or a sponsor workshop 45 minute session.
This includes welcoming attendees via chat, introducing the code of conduct procedures, and getting attendees to introduce themselves. This role also includes helping answer questions that are not related
to the session and being the in-between for PyCon staff and the session participants.

Sign up!

Want to help? Once you’ve registered for the conference, please check that your local contact info is correct - it will help organizers find you when they need you!

Next, view the Conference Schedule and sign up for an open time slot by clicking the [+] in one of the talk or workshop slots for the session.

Session Staff Signup

You will be contacted to confirm your time slot prior to the orientation meeting.